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RV Prepurchase Inspections:
My Hangar or Yours.
I also do prebuy inspections and appraisals for RV's. My prebuy fee is $250 plus expenses (if I have to travel). For that you get a 3-4 page detailed report from nose to tail of the aircraft. This includes verifying that all logbooks and paperwork are in order, any/all discrepencies are highlighted, and proper rigging including triangulation of the wings and empennage is verified. I use a 1-10 point system that is explained in minute detail so there is NO CONFUSION and NO SURPRISES if/when you make your purchase. I also provide dozens of DETAILED photos of the aircraft/engine/panel/interior, including close ups of any 'blemishes'. After you receive the report and photos via internet I'll go over everything by phone to be certain you know what you're buying and make the right decision BEFORE you write the check. I put about 10 to 12 hrs into every prebuy inspection....this should tell you that I do it for love and not for money :^)!!
Rick's Background:
-Retired Shift Supervisor for Chevron Corporaton ~30yrs
-EAA Oshkosh Homebuilt Judge
-EAA & AOPA member
-EAA Flight Advisor
-EAA Tech Counselor
-Built: RV4, RV6, RV7, RV8, 3 RV10's, F1 Rocket, and am currently working on my 4th RV10. If you need more info about my credentials for prebuy then see the list of awards I've won on my 'Builders Assist' page. In total I've built/owned no less than 22 RV's and Rockets.
-Approx 1200hrs flying RV's
-F.A.S.T. Formation Flight Lead
-Owner/Moderator/Member/List Janitor of The Ohio Valley RVators

The Mid Ohio Valley Airport (PKB) in Parkersburg, W. Va..

Contact Info:
Rick Gray
200 Baker Trail
Vincent, Ohio   45784
phone: H-740-678-8031  C-740-350-5188