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Site last updated: January '12 
We now have over  870 Members!!!
HOT NEWS FLASH:     Rick just won the GRAND CHAMPION GOLD LINDY AWARD at OSHKOSH with his F1 Rocket!!
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Click right here on the 'text' to see pictures of my Builder Assist Shop (aka "Rick's Rocket Shop" and photos of some of my projects:


Members of our group enjoy getting together for just about any reason. Breakfast or Lunch is at the top of our list as we really like to EAT!! Visiting builders projects and giving builders rides in our flying RV's is a TOP PRIORITY!! Also, we love RV Formation Flying and support the F.A.S.T. Formation Organization. We also enjoy getting together for our weekly/monthly UFO's (Ultimate Fly Outs). Here's a shot of Buckeye Flight out on patrol!!

Be sure to check out our Yahoo discussion group below!!

Below are some members of our 'Buckeye Flight' Formation Team.


top row (left to right) Glen 'Dogg' Miller, Gary 'Bullet' Slutz, Bill 'Popeye' Flaherty w/little Popeye, John 'Crossfire' Furey w/Keaton, Mike 'Flaps' Allardyce 

btm row (left to right) Dave 'Wolfman' Gasper, Bill 'Lefty' Connelly, Rick Gray

We have a very active Yahoo web site where we communicate our activites and talk about RV's in general. Feel free to sign up to the Ohio Valley RVators group and join in on the FUN!!

Click here to join, just follow the instructions:



Here we are at one of our many 'members project visits'!!


Like to have fun in your RV??
Looks like you came to the right place!! Here, we're making a pass at Richmond, Ky!



Contact Rick Gray for more information about the Ohio Valley RVators.


Rick Gray

200 Baker Trail

Vincent, Ohio, 45784

Phone: H-740-678-8031


email: rickgray@roadrunner.com