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Click here to see LOTS of photos of N410RG


This RV10 is a 2007 OSHKOSH AWARD WINNER & just won the 'Grand Slam' at MERFI!
That's 2 BIG shows, 4 trophies!!!
- Oshkosh Outstanding Workmanship Award
- MERFI Champion Homebuilt Award
- MERFI Peoples Choice Award
- MERFI Pilots Choice Award
Rick Gray
Rick's BRAND SPANKIN' NEW RV10 (this is the new 4 seater from Vans Aircraft)N410RG is FOR SALE - $265k or best offer.  Will consider trade for RV4, 6, 7, 8, F1 Rocket, Harmon Rocket, or 'other' aircraft.
This aircraft is a 'one of a kind' DROP DEAD GORGEOUS Vans RV10 that was meticulously built by Sun 'n Fun Grand Champion and Oshkosh Award winning RV builder Rick Gray and is SHOW QUALITY from top to bottom!
The aircraft currently has ~40 hours on it. It runs silky smooth and it taxies and flies as good as it looks! This RV10 has LOTS of rear passenger legroom and will carry 4 'real' people with style, comfort, and performance (see the incredible performance specs below) anywhere you want to go!!
This RV10 is BRAND NEW down to the last nyloc nut....there are NO USED parts on this aircraft.
You get what you pay for. There are a few 'less expensive' RV10's for sale out there....if you want top notch quality/looks/fit/finish then you just found it!! If you want a RV10....I encourage you to look at ALL of them! When you get done looking come see this one!!
Aircraft empty weight - ~1618 lbs.
Gross weight - 2850lbs.
Fuel Capacity - 60 US gallons.
Baggage Capacity - 100lbs.
You do the math :^).
Meticulous Airframe/Engine/Prop Logs and records including start to finish photographs of entire build.
Vans kit #40498. Airworthiness Certificate received on 9 April '07. First Flight was on 28 April '07.

Click here to view lots of photos of N410RG.

- Exterior Paint - Sikkens 2 stage base coat clear coat.
- Metallic Deep Red over Brite White 2 tone with Metallic Gold and Black (yes - metallic Black) accent stripes.
- N numbers are NOT vinyl stickers...they are also PAINTED metallic deep red with gold accents.
- Quick Build Wings and Fuselage kits.
- All interior surfaces fully primered.
- Stall Warning System
- Electric Flaps with 'one touch' 3 position  selector (3deg/20deg/40deg) switch, including full retract with one touch of the switch. Also includes flap position display on GRT screens.
- Electric pitch trim with position display on GRT screens.
- Electric roll trim with position display on GRT screens.
- Heated Gretz pitot tube.
- Left and right wing tip landing lights.
- Navigation lights.
- Strobe lights.
- Dual Static Ports
- Exterior baggage door.
- Beautifully crafted and finished wheel pants and upper/lower intersection fairings, as well as empenage fairing and cowls.
- No visible cowl half hinge pin retainers enhance the already perfectly fitted fiberglass engine cowls.
- Smooth recessed oil dipstick access door.
- Polished exterior door handles.
- Extensive fitting and finishing to obtain super flush fiberglass doors. Includes hidden door latch screws.
- Aftermarket neoprene door seals that provide a beautiful finished appearance, plus...they WORK and will NOT come off.
- Custom fit spinner to cowl to minimize clearance.
- Polished fuel caps.
- BRAND NEW Mattiituck TMX IO-540 260HP with roller cam/lifter technology.  Again, this is NOT a remanufactured or overhauled is BRAND NEW and comes with a warranty.
- Entire Firewall Forward installation has been meticulously executed and is ready for show.
- Engine is painted gold with black cylinders and chrome valve covers. 
- Extensive powdercoating including all engine baffles, heat transfer boxes, brake master cylinder reservoir, oil cooler mounting system, transducer manifold, and even the exhaust system hangers and brackets.
- Skytech lightweight starter.
- 60 amp alternator.
- Vans Firewall Forward kit.
- All cad plated and stainless hardware throughout engine compartment.
- Off set spin on oil filter.
- All Firewall Forward wiring is mil spec and connects to the firewall via AMP plugs (plug and play) leaving a functional and eye catching installation.
- Light Speed Electronic Ignition on right side and Slick Mag w/impulse coupling on the left side provide redundancy.
- Vertterman Exhaust with dual muffs.
- Brand New Hartzell 80" Blended Airfoil Constant Speed propeller....runs silky smooth.
- All new governor and cable is dialed in to achieve maximum performance.
- Custom fit spinner includes PAINTED bulkheads both front AND rear. NO SKIMPING on the finish work!
-Leading edge propeller tape to keep the prop looking good for a long time.
Most frequent compliment is "this looks just like a brand new car inside"!!
- Full Interior package from Abby at Flightline Interiors to include:
- Full compliment of neutral tan colors on carpet, side panels, headliners, and upholstery.
- Leather upholstery seating arrangement with high back contoured buckets in the front. All seating is equipped with high density comforfoam.
- Front seats have accessory pouches in the back for magazines etc.
- Full side panels front to back with map pockets.
- Rear Cabin bulkhead panels with embroidered cursive 'Experimental' on the upper bulkhead.
- Full Carpet with sewn borders throughout.
- Full custom designed headliner front to back including custom bracket and hardware covers to eliminate unsightly hardware.
- Beautiful window trim designed by myself and fabricated by Abby provide a smooth transition from fabric to window both inside and outside of the airplane.
- Custom Accuracy Avionics center console AND armrest console provide comfort, functionality, and aestetics. All are painted to match the tan neutral scheme throughout the rest of the interior.
- Black interior accents throughout right down to the black hardware, black rudder pedals/brakes, and seatbelts.
- Extensive finishing on the cabin top fiberglass 'raingutters' top off the interior detail.
- Matching paint on control sticks and roll bar support brace.
- Dual cabin heat front and rear with separate controls.
- Fully finished and carpeted baggage area including a finished interior baggage door panel for stowing flashlights, gas tester, maps, etc.
- Full Firewall and Center Tunnel insulation.
- Custom door entry trim for added entry and exit protection to keep your interior looking new.
Avionics and Instruments include Full IFR package with HITS (Highway in the Sky) synthetic approach:
This is a FULL avionics package from Accuracy Avionics...all PROFESSIONALLY built, wired, and tested....nothing but the best!
- Matching tan fiberglass panel with offset radio stack and matching powdercoated metal inserts with black hardware to accent the rest of the interior.
- Full compliment of silksreened labels and placarding.
- Grand Rapids Technologies Dual Horizon One Electronic Flight Instrument package.
- Arinc 429 on left unit and GRT GPS on the right unit - all info interchangable.
- GRT Electronic Engine Monitoring System
- 6 EGT and 6 CHT probes.
- Full Fuel Management System.
- Full Circuit Breaker Protection
- Garmin 340 Audio Panel
- Garmin 430 Nav/Com
- Icom A200 back up comm radio
- Garmin 327 transponder with mode C
- Full dimmer capability for each system.
- Lighted Rocker Switches throughout.
- Ameriking ELT.
- All top of the line antennas including a powdercoated  antenna tray Firewall Forward for the GPS and XM weather antennas.
- Panel mounted black anodized eyeball type fresh air vents provide LOTS of cool air on hot days.
- Console jacks for 4 headsets, cell phone, 3 aux power jacks, and aux music jacks with switches to select front rear etc. Plus additional options for added interior lighting if desired.
- Cabin door ajar lights.
- Stall warning lights.
- Warning chime to alert pilot of master switch activation....great ''reminder' to eliminate running the battery down due to master being left on.
- FULL BATTERY BACKUP system connected to emergency buss. Totally independent from main system and is always on a trickle charge from the alternator. Voltage can be double checked on GRT screens.
- Back up  systems include, Airspeed indicator, compass, Tru Track Pictoral T/B and Altimeter.
- TruTrack Digi Flight 11VSGV Autopilot with GPS steering, Altitude hold, Climb/descend on vertical speed, vertical GPS steering, and GPS Nav.
- CO Guardian panel mounted CO Detector
- Panel mounted Hobbs meter in conjuction with GRT EIS system.
- Avionics EFIS/GPS switch wired.
- Pre-wired and ready to go for GRT XM Weather system
- Full Infinity Stick Grips with PTT, CWS, Pitch Trim, Roll Trim, Comm Swap, & transponder ident features.
- All Panel and Console connections to aircraft are 'plug and play' AMP connections for easy removal of sub groups.
- Extensive 'COMPLETE' electrical diagram and pinout documentation from Accuracy Avionics is doesn't get any better!

Click here to view lots of photos of N410RG.

Click here to see Vans RV10 performance specs for 260hp.

'As advertised' (and then some) by Vans Aircraft.
Contact Info:
Rick Gray
Vincent, Ohio
email -
Home - 740-678-8031
Cell - 740-350-5188
Will deliver anywhere in the US for expenses.


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