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Rick Gray's Grand Champion RV6 was SOLD - You Snooze You Looze!!

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Rick Gray's GRAND CHAMPION RV6 is FOR SALE - $116,995 or Best Offer!! 
No Squawks - Get in and Go - This RV is VERY RELIABLE, just broke in.....and ready to take you anywhere in the country.....right now!
If you want a side by side...look at ALL of them....when your done....come see this one!! This RV draws a crowd EVERYWHERE it goes!!


Click here to see LOT's of PHOTOS of this Award Winning RV6

Built by Rick Gray
Vincent, Ohio

Awards Include:

Sun 'n Fun Grand Champion '03

Oshkosh Outstanding Workmanship '03

MERFI Grand Champion '02

MERFI Best of Show '02

SERFI Reserve Grand Champion '02

SERFI Best Custom '02

Virginia Fall Fly In Grand Champion '03

Oswego Peoples Choice Award '03

Potomac Maryland Best of Show '03

This is 'THEE FASTEST' RV6/7/8 (yes, it beats all the 8's too) in the Ohio Valley RVators.....period!

Meticulous Airframe/Engine/Prop Log books and records including start to finish photo album.

Pampered in every way.

Always stored in a HEATED hangar!

No shortcuts - all the little details you'd expect from a Grand Champion Aircraft!

Empty Weight - 1082#
Gross Weight - 1800#

1st Flight August '02

TTAF ~410hrs
TT Aerosport O-360 (195hp)~410hrs.
TT Hartzell Constant Speed ~80hrs


- RV6 Quickbuild (with the full length wing spars - unlike the 'shorties' on the RV7's)

- Red/White PPG base coat-clear coat two tone paint with black and white checkerboards scheme painted on top AND bottom surfaces with metallic gold pinstripe borders.

- Recent tires, brakes, battery.

- Jantzi steering link.

- 'No screws' prop spinner.

- No visible hinge on oil door

- No screws on upper intersection fairings.

- Wingtip lighting with strobes, landing lights, nav lights and WIG WAGS.

- Custom cowl hinge pin retainers.

- Cam locks on upper cowl.

- Engraved fuel caps.

- Beautiful Orndorff canopy cover and case (no cheap light weight cover).

- All control push rods have been powdercoated white.

- Rudder bias springs keep tension on rudder cables, and NO unsightly outside rudder trim tab.


- ALL control surface end flanges have been glassed over - VERY STRONG and VERY LIGHT!

- Aileron Hinge fairings.

- Fuel Sump fairings.

- ELT and Pitot Fairings.

- Cowl exit air speed bump.

Engine -

- Runs silky smooth .

- Oil and filter Changed EVERY 25hrs.

- Super Detailing on entire engine and compartment including Beautiful Red cases w/Black jugs and Chrome package...all baffling and custom brackets powdercoated white.

- Superior Millenium Cylinders

- 9.2/1 Pistons

- Slick Mag w/impulse left side

- Lightspeed Electronic Ignition right side

- Skytec Lightweight Starter

- 40 amp lightweight alternator w/Gates belt

- Vetterman Exhaust

- Heat Muffler

- Carb heat

- Electric Fuel Primer

- Oil Cooler with cabin operated temperature  control door.

- Aeroquip Stainless Steel braided fuel and oil lines with firesleeve.

- Spin on oil filter.


- Custom built from Vans panel features hand fabricated and welded upper console for oil pressure/alternator/fuel pump lights/dimmer switches, recessed swivel 'eyeball' lights, custom lower panel with throttle quadrant, custom vents, and custom glare shield.

- All equipment is circuit breaker protected.

- All instruments backlit or whelen post indicator lights.

- Lower Center console contains custom flap indicator lights for electric flap position, lamp test, fuel boost, and elevator trim.

- Cool audible chime reminder for Master switch (wired to oil press). 

Flight Instruments include:

-AI & DG gyros, Airspeed mph/kts, vertical speed, Altimeter, Electric Turn & Bank, 'G' meter, wet compass, clock.

Engine Instruments include:

-Tach, MP, Electronics International Engine Analyser, Fuel Pressure, L/R fuel gauges, vacuum, oil pressure, oil temperature, amps, volts, hobbs.


- GPS Bendix King Skymap 111C moving map with enhanced terrain navigation, vertical navigation, flight computer etc etc

- Garmin GTX 327 transponder w/alt encoder

- SL40 comm

- Flightcom 403 stereo intercom & CD



- Custom Becki Orndorff full 2 tone cloth interior with 1"conforfoam. Includes matching booster cushion.

- Full Carpeting pilot/pass and baggage.

- Padded side panels and arm rests.

- Firewall and floor insulation.

- 2 tone cloth seats with booster for kids.

- Custom (removable) center console for additional storage.

- 2 Map/assy storage areas in front and 2 more in the baggage area.

- Seat back storage for both seats.

- Pilot/px storage pouches on main spar.

- Custom Glare shield cover and NO visible roll bar gussets.

- Koger sunshade.

- Button Lock control cable to open engine dipstick door from the cabin.

- High dollar recess mounted aluminum fresh air vents with custom mounts.

- RAC Stick Grips

- 4 Point harnesses

- Halon Fire Extinguiser

- Alternate Static Air supply.

- Aileron push rod boots.

- All roll bars/canopy frames/slider rails/rudder pedals/etc are powdercoated.

- All interior wiring/plumbing is concealed.

-Passenger brakes and rudder pedals.

Click here to see LOT's of PHOTOS of this Award Winning RV6!


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